Victorian Compac

Great for residential and commercial projects, Victorian Compac provides a world of possibilities for both the contractor and homeowner. These concrete units have a large open core space in their centres to ensure sufficient fill placement and reduce the weight of the unit for easier handling. When you want a clean, uniform look to your hardscape features, Victorian Compac is the product you need. It blends harmoniously with any landscape setting.

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Product Features:

  • Do-it-yourself landscape product

  • Large open core for ease-of-filling

  • Vertical or set back installation

  • Attractive beveled face appearance

  • Designed for medium to large size walls

Fiberglass Pins

Each Victorian block comes with 2 fiberglass pins. The pins feature 6400 psi of shear strength and are used for wall stability and alignment.

  • Length: 5” (130mm)

  • Diameter – ½” (13mm)

From backyard applications to larger reinforced structures, Victorian Compac is perfect for the job. Contact Concrete Products for more information.


Victorian Unit


Imperial: 8”h x 18”w x 12”d

  203mm x 457mm x 305mm

  Wt. / Piece KG (lbs): 36 (80)

Corner Unit


Imperial: 8”h x 18”w x 9”d

  203mm x 457mm x 229mm

  Wt. / Piece KG (lbs): 50 (110)

4" Coping Unit


Imperial: 4”h x 18”l x 12”d

  101mm x 457mm x 305mm

  Wt. / Piece KG (lbs): 28.5 (62.8)

*Coping unit available with textured surface on one side or both sides

Block Colours:

  • Granite Blend_Victorian
  • Red Blend_Victorian
  • Charmois Blend_Victorian
  • Mocha Blend_Victorian

  • Granite Blend

  • Red Blend

  • Chamois Blend

  • Mocha Blend

Coping Colour Available:

  • Charcoal

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All Victorian Compac units are manufactured in Newfoundland.

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