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Concrete Products supplies an assortment of aggregates for Newfoundland and Labrador residential and commercial customers. We make our aggregate right on-site. You can find our stone at 40mm, 20mm, and Class A (road gravel). We also produce ¼” minus (crusher dust) for use in landscape installations and stock piles of 4” minus or blasted rock for landfill or engineered pads.

Stone Slinger Services

Are you looking to have stone delivered directly to your jobsite? Call today to ask about our stone slinger service. Our slingers can carry up to 20 tonnes per load.

Stone Slinger Pick-up

Loading Services

We have equipment available to help load your aggregate order into your dump truck, pickup truck, or towing trailer. Dump trucks are asked to weigh in prior to entering the aggregate yard.

Loading Services

Small Quantity Pickup Available

Residential customers can pick up aggregates using buckets, a pickup truck, or towing a trailer. A flat rate fee is charged for pickup truck loads and/or varying quantities of bucket loads.

Unless towing a trailer, we kindly request that residential customers do not drive on the scales, as they are reserved for bulk aggregate orders.

Small Quantity

Types of Aggregate Available



Class A

Class A

¼” Minus

Crusher Dust

Fine Sand

Extra Fine Blending Sand


Inch and a Half

30mm Red

Inch and a Quarter Red


Three Quarter

Washed Concrete Sand

Washed Sand

Place your order for aggregates today. Not sure what type of aggregate materials to buy? Concrete Products’ expert team can help you choose.

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