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Installing new walkways or building retaining walls takes more than just rearranging concrete paver stones and blocks. That’s why Concrete Products carries an array of landscape accessories for Newfoundland homeowners, contractors, and businesses. We have it all, from adhesives and jointing sands for when you’re in the middle of your installation project to sealers and garden water features for providing those finishing touches at the end. 

Not sure which product works best for your landscape project? Ask us. Concrete Products is more than happy to offer sound advice on all of our landscape accessories.  Visit us in St. John’s or give us a call to learn more.



Heavy Duty Premium Polyurethane for Concrete and Stone

This polyurethane adhesive is specially formulated to stick to both wet or frozen surfaces, making it a great adhesive for concrete, pavers, and retaining walls.

Brickstik is resistant to water and frost to secure a permanent bond for stone, concrete, brick, wood, metal, and fiberglass. You can apply Brickstik in any temperature span and not have to worry about the adhesive freezing.

Features and benefits:

  • VOC compliant

  • Environmentally sensitive

  • Easy gunning – user friendly

  • Fast curing – quicker adhesion

Jointing Sands

These specially formulated sand mixtures offer high performance binding for your pavers and natural stone joints. It’s durable and long-lasting, remaining stable through extreme weather conditions. ENVIROBOND’s line comes bagged for easier application. 1OneSand combines a unique formula of binders, polymers, and control agents to bind pavers firmly. The jointing sand is water resistant within minutes.


Looking to extend the life of your driveway, walkway, or patio? SUREBOND is a sealer that makes your hardscape feature easier to maintain while also stabilizing its joints. It is an engineered adhesive and sealant that exceeds requirements in industrial fabrication, construction, and roofing as well as retaining walls, masonry, and pavers. As an industry leader in architectural landscape products, SUREBOND offers a full line of adhesives, sealers, and cleaners.


Garden Water Features 

Add a unique touch to your hardscape installation with garden water features. A waterfall provide a tranquil and serene atmosphere to your backyard. 


Increase support and reinforce soil with a geogrid. A geogrid has a high molecular weight and high tenacity polyester yarn. The yarn provides tensile reinforcement capacity in both directions. You can get geogrid or stratagrid in multiple strengths for optimal efficient design. We carry both STRATA and TenCrate Mirafi® geogrids. TenCrate Mirafi® can even be used in mechanically stabilized earth applications like internally reinforced walls or segmental retaining walls or steepened slopes. 


  • TenCate Mirafi®


Free up design of your drive, walkway, or patio with Permaloc or SNAPEDGE paver edging. You can mould these edging pieces into an unlimited number of curves and angles around your yard.

Block Splitters

Create 90˚ corners with a block splitter. This is a great tool for Garden Wall and Verazzo retaining wall systems. You can also use block splitters for splitting caps to use on step downs or wall ends. Concrete Products provides block splitters for sale or for rent.


Enjoy your outdoor living space at night with Kerr Lighting. These lighting products can be incorporated into different hardscape features, from patios to walkways to garden and retaining walls.

  • Kerr Lighting

  • Cornelius and Walter light kits

  • Paver light kit

  • Garden wall light kit

  • Retaining wall light kit

Mortar Additives

Mortar additives help boost the water repellency of your hardscape feature’s mortar joints. Keeping water out of your mortar joints can help keep the bond secure for years to come. 

ACM Admixtures 


We use RainBloc® admixtures in the manufacture of all of our masonry and landscape units. The admixture is designed as a water repellent to reduce the impact of efflorescence. One litre units are available for purchase to use in mortar. Untreated masonry and landscape units readily absorb water through a process called capillary suction or wicking action. RainBloc® anti-wicking action ensures that even if rainwater penetrates past the exterior face of the wall, the water repellent properties of the system will minimize the amount of water that is absorbed into the concrete, causing any water inside the wall to flow to properly designed flashing and weep holes.

RainBloc® for mortar is specifically designed for mortar applications, and contains additives to improve the workability and water repellency of the mortar. RainBloc® for mortar does not affect the bond strength between the CMU and the mortar. To ensure a fully water repellent masonry wall, an admixture like RainBloc® must be used in the mortar as well as directly within the CMU during manufacture.

For more information on RainBloc® be sure to read the provided brochures:

Tools and Rental Equipment

If you’re planning on installing your own landscape products this season, we have do-it-yourself tools available including:

  • Torpedo levels

  • Adhesives

  • Compac lifting tools

  • Paver sledge and dead blow hammers

  • Block splitters (available for rent or purchase)

  • Tread setters (available for rent or purchase)

  • 4” Chisels

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Other Brands

We also carry Great North Advanced Hardscape Solutions products. This brand carries everything from paver and garden edges to sealers, adhesives, and geogrid.

For more information about the accessories you see here, contact Concrete Products.

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