Verazzo Stone™

With strength, stability, and a rugged appeal, Verazzo Stone™ is angled and textured on two sides, providing exceptional design versatility while blending with any landscape. Verazzo Stone™ is easy to install. It can be put into multiple positions within a given retaining wall. Concrete Products offers Keystone®’s Verazzo Stone™ units in a variety of colours and sizes.

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Product Features:

  • Do-it-yourself landscape product

  • Textured on 2 sides

  • Great for free-standing walls

  • 6 unique face dimensions

  • Multi-size system sold as a set

Each Verazzo Stone™ comes with 2 alignment pins. The pins are designed for ease of installment and to enhance the overall alignment of the wall.

  • Length – 2.4” (60mm)

  • Diameter – 0.4” (10mm)

See the difference Verazzo Stone™ can make for your property. Contact Concrete Products to learn more


Large Unit


Imperial: 6”h x 16”w x 10”d

  152mm x 406mm x 254mm

  Wt. / Piece KG (lbs): 30.84 (68)

Medium Unit


Imperial: 6”h x 10”w x 10”d

  152mm x 254mm x 254mm

  Wt. / Piece KG (lbs): 15.88 (35)

Small Unit


Imperial: 6”h x 6”w 10”d

  152mm x 152mm x 254mm

  Wt. / Piece KG (lbs): 12.25 (27)

3” Coping Unit


Imperial: 3”h x 18”l x 12”d

  76mm x 457mm 305mm

  Wt. / Piece KG (lbs): 21.4 (47.2)

Losa Coping Unit


Imperial: 3”h x 24”l x 12”d

  Metric: 76mm x 610mm x 305mm

  Wt. / Piece KG (lbs): 28.5 (62.8)

*Available in non-tumbled at special request

*Available in tumbled, special order only

*Sold by Tier only – 6 Square Feet

Small, Medium, and Large Block Unit Colours:

  • Chamois blend
  • Granite
  • Mocha blend

  • Chamois Blend

  • Granite Blend

  • Mocha Blend

Coping Unit Colours:

  • Charcoal

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All Verazzo Stone™ units are manufactured in Newfoundland.

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