Paving Stones

Clear a Path with Paving Stones for Your St. John’s Area Home or Business

A great way to expand your outdoor living space is with paving stones. At Concrete Products, we manufacture three paving stone products, the Single Holland, the Double Holland, and the Heritage. The Single and Double Holland can be used together to formulate a number of different patterns for driveways, patios, walkways, and more. Any of the paving stones we manufacture can be tumbled upon customer request. Try tumbled pavers around poolside patios and walkways. In addition to our locally manufactured products, we offer a variety of paving stones manufactured by Oaks, Permacon, and Techo-Bloc.

Oak Concrete Products

Oaks Concrete Products is a subsidiary company of Brampton Brick, one of North America’s largest brick manufacturing operations. With precision engineering and years of manufacturing experience, Oaks produces durable paving stones that can withstand the test of time. We inventory the Ridgefield Plus, Colonnade, Rialto, and Monterey paving stones from Oaks. The remainder of the Oaks paving stone line is available through special order and can be viewed by clicking the logo.

Oaks logo


Techo-Bloc has been serving the paving stone needs of Canada and the US since 1989. The company comprises of three production facilities in Canada, five new leading-edge plants in the USA, and six wholesale distribution centres located in: Ontario, Ohio, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Illinois. All Techo-Bloc facilities proudly perpetuate a commitment to creativity and excellence.

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